Tuesday, 22 September 2015

5 Easy Office Makeup Tips

Hello Beautiful!

When you have hundreds of tasks in the morning, like dressing up your kids for school, preparing breakfast for them, milkman knocking at the door, maids fighting and so on (never ending list), and you are madly rushing here and there, breaking things on your way. In such situations, how can one expect to get that perfect presentable look. To save you from waking up early for the makeup, here are few quick tips that can make you look beautiful and perfect everyday at office, that too without sucking much time. Yes, all you need is just 10 minutes and Woohoo….you are done!!

Getting a presentable look for office can be tricky if few things are not taken care of. It should be natural, understated yet classy.
So here you go with 5 quick and easy office makeup tips:

1. Keep the base natural -

A natural look is always in fashion and perhaps one of the most obvious ways to look real. Choose a good multi purpose base for your skin which conceals, hydrates & lightens at once (saves a lot of time) like our very own BB creams, tinted moisturizers or light concealers. It does not only give a flawless base but also a well polished look. Stop using foundations if they are in your daily routine as they are highly pigmented and they clog the pores of skin completely, depriving it from breathing. For Ex: If you’re wearing a skin mask, it eventually results in breakouts. Treat your skin well and your skin will never embarrass you.
Try such heavy products very occasionally!!

2. Pamper your eyes in the right manner -

“Eyes speak a lot”. Your eyes speak more than your lips. So, wearing eye makeup should be upto the mark i.e. it should neither be too lazy nor too distracting.
An office look demands a clean and crisp eyeliner/ kohl look (no smokey eyes, please). Use a thin/ thick stroke of kajal or eyeliner with neutral Matte eyeshadows (only if you want) but no glitters at all.  Honestly, I am not a fan of using eyeshadows on a daily basis. Complete the look with mascara and Yay! your eyes look popped up and fresh.

3. Make your lips look decent -

Lips play an important role in giving you the complete look. Choose nude shades or soft pink/orange tints (as your complexion and attire demands) and you rock! You can also try some serious colours but keep the peppy experiments for your evening bash only as you don’t want to disturb the whole look. Right??

4. Blush your cheeks rosy -

“You make me blush”, Doesn’t that happen to you? Ofcourse yes!
Anything which pleases us or makes us smile gives this rosy effect naturally. Wow, so beautiful.
Similarly, the blusher is, an artificial way of blushing the cheeks as you look pale otherwise. Apply a few gentle strokes of peach/ pink blusher for a warm look. Avoid using dark shades for the day look.

5. Brush your hair neatly -

A complete blended look requires right amount of makeup, minimum accessories, correct colours, comfortable classy shoes and Neat Hair.
I am emphasizing on hair more because hair plays an important role for a well groomed look. Trust me, I am not talking about those fancy braids, buns or curls but a simple clean and straight brushing through the hair.. and you are ready.  Enjoy your power look in the meetings, VCs, presentations or lunches with confidence and smile.

Hope these tips bring a big time change in your life at office and home together.

Stay happy and Stay Beautiful :)

Sakshi Sharma