Friday, 12 June 2015

Guide for a Flawless skin!!

Hello beautiful ladies!!

I understand your level of curiosity of coming to the conclusion right away after reading the title but inspite of that, I would suggest you all to read it completely. No miracle formulas hidden but a basic routine which can do wonders to your skin. I assure you that every sentence of this article can be of great help to you. So,  Lets get started. :)

A flawless skin… (WOW! sounds amazing) is almost everyone’s dream and how to get it is one big question people (especially every female) on this earth has. This indeed is a question almost every female I have ever met, irrespective of her age, has attacked me with (my friends, relatives, neighbours, colleagues, friend's friends, etc). Honestly speaking, I love to take these indirect compliments (who wouldn’t ;)). Anyways, I kind of always told them some basic steps of my routine and few secrets but time has come when I share my secrets of having a gorgeous and healthy skin (touch wood!!) with the world in writing. With this much awaited article of mine, I hope to answer all my friends’ questions.

What I am going to share next might sound little off the tangent but is really really important. During my work as an artist over a good period of time, I discovered that main cause for everyday skin problems are things we don’t do. What makes blemishes, acne, breakouts, pimples etc. to occur? Dear lovelies, nothing but our own LAZINESS. Surprised?
Perhaps, it is not intended but you are so busy that you avoid some basic skin care. Basic of all, sleeping without even washing your face which has loads of dirt, dust, makeup pigments etc.  This results in breakouts and other problems.

So, my first advice to you would be “LEAVE THAT LAZINESS FOR THOSE LAST 5 MINUTES BEFORE A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP.” And sleep enough to avoid those dark circles too. :p

Step by Step guide for a flawless skin (Daily routine)

As soon as you wake up in the morning, clean your face with a normal cleansing milk, if your skin is dry else with an astringent cleanser for oily skins. This will thoroughly remove all germs and bacteria settled on your face from that pillow hug and hair residues.

Afterwards, gently cleanse your face with a cleanser (any mild face wash can work) and cold water. A BIG NO to hot water unless you need wrinkles soon (sarcasm totally intended).

After cleansing, pat your towel very gently on your face. No rough rubbing as it might rapture                  your opened pores.

Then, dab few drops of toner on your face. Use a good toner (Cheryl’s skin toner works the best for me) for closing those opened pores.

After that, apply a good moisturizing cream (for dry skins) and a moisturizing gel (for oily skins). Don’t ever walk out without wearing a cap, scarf, sunglasses and a sunscreen greater than SPF 25 ( thanks to UV rays for that ageing and tanned look) no matter if it isn’t a sunny day at all, to also add to your awareness that sun is not the only reason for skin problems but adding to it is our unavoidable harsh lights too which we are used to these days in our offices, theatres, computers, etc. So never a NO to a sunscreen.

Drink plenty of water, eat healthy food especially citrus fruits, avoid fried food and often outings as our skin is the display of our good food habits.. whatever goes in, comes out by your skin…(whoaaa I can be a poet too :)), include antioxidants in your routine like green teas, dark chocolates which flushes out the toxins and helps in good blood circulation and act as a stress reliever too.

Never sleep with that well complimented make up on…no matter how late you are but always remember to clean your face exactly the same way you did it in the morning except use a light night cream, as this will help in hydrating and replenishing the tired skin tissues overnight after undergoing a good torture throughout the day plus a glowing skin the very next morning.

Bleach as minimum as u can for a healthy glowing skin ( I would highly recommend the beginners should get that bleach process done by an experienced person or a professional)…get yourself pampered in a salon minimum once a month for a facial, clean up, etc, and if not possible no worries follow the miracle step- clean, scrub, tone and moisturize by yourself so simple, isn’t it??

Lastly, I would suggest you all not to try any random brand without checking the details of the brand and the expiry of the product.. believe me I have seen so many bad incidents in the past which had lead to major skin problems so just be aware of the products you use and salons you visit. If having some severe pigmentation or any allergy to new treatment/ product then don’t avoid to visit a dermatologist as soon as possible.

Skin Care should normally start in early twenties to delay the ageing process and problems but it’s never too late. Neither an actress or a celebrity is gifted with a good skin except a few but it’s just that how they take care and maintain those best to conclude it with, is that nobody can skip getting old but can just delay the process.

I promise you to have a beautiful skin and also a late wrinkle arrival irrespective of skin colour and skin type if these steps are religiously practised.  And don’t ever forget to smile… Smile is the key to your beauty…:)
I hope you enjoyed reading and it helps you out achieving the goal.
Coming out with lot more articles, videos and a big thing very soon.
Stay tuned…
Sakshi Sharma :)



  1. wow......greats tips...keep posting such stuff

  2. Woww...very nice ...keep posting
    with a smile :) (y)

  3. Very nice. Really nice advices. We always forget to do basic things n results we spent so much of money n time instead doing small things with less money. Keep posting

    1. thank u for the like... yes my idea of this article is to bring basic awareness... will surely post more....:))

  4. Woww...very nice ...keep posting
    with a smile :) (y)

  5. Really helpful guide for a flawles skin 😀

  6. Nice article.... thanks for sharing

  7. Nice article.... thanks for sharing

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